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Our Platform theraTRACE®

Melior Discovery is dedicated to uncovering new therapeutic applications for partners' existing drugs. By utilizing the unique and highly efficient theraTRACE® indications discovery platform, Melior can systematically study a single compound in multiple in vivo models, thereby evaluating potential utility in a variety of major therapeutic areas.

Melior Discovery Inc (Exton, PA, USA) has pioneered a unique "high throughput" in vivo pharmacology platform (theraTRACE®) able to systematically identify novel indications for pre-clinical and development stage drugs. theraTRACE® is widely used by both multinational pharmaceutical and start-up biopharmaceutical companies alike to fully explore the therapeutic potential of their drug candidates.

Melior has also leveraged this expertise to build a high quality, onshore and cost-effective preclinical services capability offering in vivo efficacy models in a broad range of therapeutic areas, pharmacokinetic evaluations, specialized animal models and bioanalytical services to drug developers worldwide.


If you are interested in learning more about theraTRACE® Phenotypic Screening Platform, please contact to start the conversation.

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