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Our Pipeline MLR 1362 (type II diabetes)

Melior Pharmaceuticals pipeline

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MLR-1362 is Melior’s second candidate for Type II diabetes. Originally evaluated for the treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disorders, MLR-1362 proved safe through Phase II clinical trials but was discontinued due to lack of efficacy in the original indication. Melior has repositioned the drug and is now exploring its potential utility as a small molecule candidate for the treatment of Type II Diabetes.

MLR-1362 has been shown to have robust glycemic control activity in numerous animal models including in both rats and mice.  The compound demonstrated robust HbA1c lowering activity in chronic models of diabetes.

Through studying the class of drugs related to MLR-1362 Melior has also demonstrated anti-diabetic effects of related drugs including an existing marketed drug.  In this way there exists an opportunity to pursue an approval process for a novel anti-diabetic agent wherein Melior is able to cite pre-existing safety data from the originator(505(b)2 process) and thereby significantly shortcut an approval process even more that other drug repositioning strategies.

All Melior drug candidates have demonstrated the effectiveness of the theraTRACE® drug repositioning platform, which allows the Company to rapidly and systematically evaluate a compound's efficacy across a large number of high quality disease models predictive of utility in multiple therapeutic areas.

In building a robust portfolio of drug candidates, Melior is substantially increasing the likelihood for clinical success in the development process by focusing on candidates that have previously been shown to safe in phase II or phase III clinical trials, are orally bioavailable and possess ideal physico-chemical or "drug-like" properties. Melior's current product portfolio consists of drugs with significantly reduced development risk based on these key attributes. Melior continues to identify additional product candidates that meet the above criteria as part of its effort to build a promising pipeline based on products with potential for new indications.

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