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Melior Pharmaceuticals finding the next blockbuster

Melior Pharmaceuticals has developed a robust drug pipeline and is establishing drug repositioning partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Application of Melior's highly effective theraTRACE® indications discovery platform is ideal for drug-like molecules that have been abandoned, yet are "privileged"; have progressed through Phase II or Phase III clinical trials; and have proven to be safe and well tolerated.

Melior's theraTRACE® indications discovery platform offers:

• The opportunity to maximize the therapeutic potential of a partner's drug candidates;

• A proven ability to rapidly and cost-effectively generate an in vivo "pharmacological fingerprint";

• Extensive knowledge in in vivo models reflected by Melior's ability to assemble and implement a multiplexed platform of >40 validated functional models.



If you are interested in learning more about finding the next blockbuster, please contact to start the conversation.